The Monday Brewday

Like most folks, Monday’s are usually days I dread. However, this was not the case yesterday. I had my first shift at Drummond Brewery/Something Brewing! I was anxious all week when Kevin Wood the head brewer/co-owner of the brewery emailed me to come in for 9am sharp. I arrived a little early, coffee in hand, trying to bounce back from the 1.5 hour drive I had just made from Edmonton. I was quite anxious when we immediately got right into the brew day. With the flick of a couple switches we were on our way to milling, and throughout the rest of the day I followed Kevin around, trying to soak in all the protocols and nuisances of the brewery that I could. Its massive size is a little daunting, I’m talking a 80 hectolitre system, about twice the size of the the system I used at Yellowhead. Which is vastly bigger then most craft breweries throughout the province. The company itself is quite interesting. They have two segments, one side of the brewery that pushes out their generic lager under the name Drummond Brewery. Sold to the masses, and typically undercuts the big guys like Bud, Kokanee, Canadian. And the other side of the brewery which is their craft side which is sold under the name Something Brewing. We carry 4 beers; an IPA, Wit, Brown Ale, and Schwarzbier. Carried out in trendy cans and clever titles, they are, in my modest opinion, quite a tasty bunch. In fact I got the pleasure of bringing a 4-pack of each back home. Overall, I’m thrilled to be getting work experience during the school year. Couldn’t have asked for a better turnout! Until next time, this is Galen, signing out.





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